Motke Dapp. Director. Writer. Storyteller.

When time travel seems out of reach, and bears are unable to use our languages to communicate,
sometimes we turn to someone who has the power and the know how to overcome adversity.

Selected Filmography

Contrary to Likeness (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2014
Sorry About Tomorrow (short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Music - 2013
The Upside of Down (short) - Director/Screenplay - 2014
Lime and Davenport (short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Actor - 2012
the Many Monsters of Sadness (feature) - Writer/Director/Producer/Music/Actor - 2012
The Once Mighty (short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Actor/Editor/After Effects - 2011
The Department of Thoughts and Intentions (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2010
Yellow (short short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Actor - 2010
Now You're Being Ridiculous (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2009


The Extra Hour | Downy & Febreze Sleep Collections - Director - Winner of 4 Addy's in Cincinnati (Best in Show, People's Choice, Best Digital Campaign and Best Digital Video)
Vigilant Technology Solutions - CyberDNA™: Real Security for Network Professionals - Writer/Director/Editor
ChoreMonster - Your Kids Will Beg To Do Chores - 30 Second Spot for Direct TV - Director/Editor
ChoreMonster - Your Kids Will Beg To Do Chores - Long-form Video for Web - Director/Editor
Bleeding Tongue by Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes (music video) - Director/Producer
ChoreMonster Mini Doc (documentary) - Director

Awards and Nominations

Contrary to Likeness (short)

Will be screening at Festival De Cannes in 2015
Best Director, Best Editing, Best Production Design, and Best Graphics and nominated for Best Ensemble Cast and Best Actor for Kris Wente - Filmapalooza (This is a competition of the winner of every 48 hour film in every city across the globe - roughly 3000 films compete in this competition)
Best Film (overall winner), Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Graphics, Best in Genre - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project
Sorry About Tomorrow (short)
Official Selection of: PBS Online Film Festival 2014, Cinequest, Seattle International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, The Silicon Valley Science Fiction Short Film Festival, EMP Museum Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, Asheville Cinema Festival, Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival, Grand Rapids Film Festival, Brevard Short Film Festival, East Nashville Film Festival
- Best Directing, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best in Genre, Best Actress - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project
- Runner up Best Tennessee Short - Nashville Film Festival
- Best Director - East Nashville Film Festival
- The Golden Marlin Award for Best Film and the Audience Award - The Silicon Valley Science Fiction Short Film Festival
Lime and Davenport (short) - Audience Award, Best in Genre, Best Supporting Actress, Best Wardrobe, Best Makeup, Best Art Direction - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project
The Many Monsters of Sadness (feature) - Nominated for Best Director, Nominated for Best Narrative Feature - Cincinnati Film Festival
The Department of Thoughts and Intentions (short) - Runner Up Best Film, Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Graphics - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project
Now You're Being Ridiculous (short) - Best Film, Best Supporting Actress - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project

Motke Dapp Demo Reel

Using everything available to tell good stories cinematically

We strive to tackle the unknown, unless the unknown is a tiger.

Tigers have nothing to do with making films, but everyone loves a good tiger reference.

Also, tigers are a natural fire ant repellant.

The Greater and Lesser Accomplishments of Motke Dapp

Motke Dapp is an award winning filmmaker (Director, writer, producer, editor, and sometimes actor, but only sometimes.) He is co-owner of Paper Ghost Pictures, which he runs with his business partner and producer, Ryan Hartsock. He also does a lot of work with the fine people at Drive Media House.

In July of 2014, Motke directed a short film called Contrary to Likeness as part of the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project. This film won Best Film, and Motke won Best Director. The film is an automatic selection for the prestigious Nashville Film Festival and will be competing globally with other city winners at Filmapalooza 2015 in Hollywood.

Motke is currently working on several commercials and recently completed a short film called 'The Upside of Down' he made in conjunction with a non-profit group called ICiT. The film premiered during the Nashville Film Festival and is available to watch here.

In July of 2013, Motke directed, wrote, and produced a short sci-fi film called "Sorry About Tomorrow," with Paper Ghost Pictures as part of the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project. The film won Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, and Best Actress. The film is currently in the festival circuit, and Motke is busy developing the short into a feature length film.

In spring of 2012, Paper Ghost Pictures debuted its first feature film  “The Many Monsters of Sadness” (see the trailer HERE) as an official selection to 43rd Annual Nashville Film Festival, Film-Com 2012, Cincinnati International Film Festival and Louisville International Festival of Films. In addition to the feature film, they made two short films related to the feature called "A Spoonful of Zanny," (view trailer) and "The Heart is a Desolate Place" (view trailer). You can purchase the DVD here.

Motke and Paper Ghost Pictures are in development on several feature films and television show concepts (with original screenplays from writer/director Motke Dapp), as well as working on commercials and music videos.

Contact Motke.

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